UHMLA stands for Unidad Hospitalaria Movil Latinoamerica or Latin America Mobile Hospital Unit. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that mobilizes surgeons, nurses, medical professionals, and a network of volunteers to execute medical [service] trips throughout Latin America.

Our mission and vision is to bring healthcare to Latin America where it is needed most by delivering medical and surgical care through periodic and scheduled visits to underserved areas.

We have now operated on more than 100 patients in Guatemala and Honduras, where we have established sites for repeated visits.  In partnership with the Asociación Compañeros para Cirugía (ACPA) in Guatemala and Hombro a Hombro (HaH) en Honduras we have been able to reach Mayans from the most impoverished areas in Central America. We are working on developing sites in South América, beginning with Ecuador and Perú.  Ultimately, we envision U.H.M.L.A. to be in constant motion from Country to Country and ready to respond to emergency such as those produced by natural disasters in the region. 

We believe that crossing borders to relieve suffering builds long lasting relationships amongst our doctors, Latin American doctors, and patients, fostering improved medical attention in underserved populations in Latin America. 

We foresee a bright future for UHMLA. It is the UHMLA Board's hope to eventually develop a caravan-type service to be able to provide efficient and swift relief to different communities in Central and South America, including emergency relief. Follow UHMLA as we grow this organization and please contact us if you'd like to get involved! 




ROLANDO ROLANDELLI, MD, FACS, Morristown Medical Center

EDWARD MCLEAN, MD, FACS, Morristown Medical Center

WILLIAM DIEHL, MD, FACS, Morristown Medical Center

GERALD LEFEVER, MD, PHD, Morristown Medical Center

ZUBIN BAMBOAT, MD, FACS, Morristown Medical Center

DANIEL CHUNG, MD, Morristown Medical Center

ISAAC SPITIERI, MD, Morristown Medical Center

MICHAEL KUCHERA, MD Morristown Medical Center



In order to continue making this difference in people’s lives, U.H.M.L.A. needs your support.   On July 15th, 2017 we will host "Family Fun at River Edge Farm".  We will offer a complete barbecue made by our UHMLA team, "dunk the doctor (or nurse)", games, sports, and entertainment for the family. Please join us for a great day of fun and contribute to UHMLA.

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